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Seeking Your Amazing Stories of Openness

This is my (shameless) pitch for some material for an upcoming presentation for the August 2009 OpenEd conference… also at http://cogdog.wikispaces.com/AmazingStories modified from an original January 1935 issue found at the archive from Galactic Central Amazing Stories of Openness While the Open Education movement focuses on institutional issues, a large ocean exists of powerful individual […]

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Things That Happen Only on the Web Channel

flickr photo Autoretrato com Colorado by Paulo Brabo

Maybe two months from now will mark the 15th year I have been on the web. This will be October 29, exactly at 10:30am, 15 years to the minute when I inserted a floppy disk labeled “Mosaic” (in perhaps a Mac Quadra 900) that my Maricopa colleague Jim Walters had handed me, and had said, just with a smile, “Try this”.

Profound moment indeed.

In all this time, I have never lost a shred of excitement over those crazy serendipity happenings, connections, opportunities, that present themselves only because the web was there. Things that would not have happened otherwise, in that creepy parallel universe where there is no internet, no world wide web.

So I am going to toss out a few and see if others pick up and share there own. My stipulation is that each story much have a link to an artifact of the story. Cause if there ain’t a link, its not a web.

I have tons of stories, but will keep it to three.