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Early On The X

Just wanna stake my claim… Look for big announcement soon about CogDogx cause just like the ‘i” prefix of a few years ago, an “x” suffix is the new shnizzle — Alan Levine (@cogdog) December 30, 2011 Of course, the “big announcement” is 404, because I was just playing. But the “x” factor is going […]

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Amping Your Google Forms to be Tweetable

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Ronan_C My list of words never used here include things like “monetize” or “viral” (oops I just used them). But in terms of trying to get a message out, I am keen to experiment with ways to make it go further. Yesterday, in one […]

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Stir Up ds106: Thursday Tweetathon

cc licensed flickr photo shared by 尽在不言中 There might be other things to blog about, but nothing seems as exciting or interesting as the Mad Camp Adventures of Digital Storytelling Open Course aka ds106. There is a rive of creativity shared via the distributed blogs, the free form ds106 radio (by the people, for the […]

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Twitter in Mom English: Part Deux

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog It was during last year’s visit when my Mom asked me, full of both innocence and curiosity, to explain Twitter to her- we had a good time after I seeded the request for an explanation out to my contacts, and did they ever respond. We captured that conversation […]


Are You Liking the Like Web?

I’m going to warn you of something incredulous. Later. But first, today’s 0.001% thought out message: A tweet is in the eye of the beholder, so just to be clear, I fully subscribe to the power of what a retweet can do, and to a slightly lesser degree, nod to the effectiveness of a quick […]

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Semantically Yours (or George)

Tweetbeat Firsthand hovers somewhere between subtly amazing and “meh”. But I’ve giving it a whirl. What it is, is a browser plugin/extension (works with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari… there is some irony about the other browser shrinking in the mist of obscurity). What it does is to figure out in the text of a web […]