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New Glu Goo

I am still liking the Glu. It seems SuprGlu is gaining some traction (judging from seeing other Glu-ers out there, Jay Cross, Tim Lauer, Scottish Educators, I am sure there are many more) and some new features (judging from poking around the site). My CogDogBlog RipMixGlu Feed File now has a few more RSS things […]

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Hooked on Glu

Taking the cue from Stephen Downes who took it from Jay Cross, I quickly checked out SuperGlu a new Web.0 tool that aggregates anything that you may have stored elswhere that provides an RSS feed… SuprGlu is about bringing the pieces of your web content together into one central place for you, your friends, and […]

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It Does Have a “2” in the Name: Reader2 Does It Well

Without mentioning the Web X.0 cliché, Reader2 is a site definitely in the mix with elements of folksonomy, social networking, RSSing for people to build collections of books they have read or want to read.

It’s pretty quick and easy to add book titles- the add form allows to enter a title and use an Amazon search- it Ajaxes the results right in the page, copelting the author, ISBN etc. You can add your own series of tags, a descipription of the book, or a review. It has dropdown categories of books that is awfully limited (please make it more extensive or something we can configure, why cannot this be tagged as well?); as well are the “status” you can assign to a book- again, make it more open or extensive.

I’ve been playing with it off and on for a week…

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RSS Mixers Part Deux

My experiments with new services that offer tools to mix a set of different RSS feeds into one was interesting, and the comments brought in a few more. I’ve updated the original post to include: Aggrssive lazytom’s feedjumbler FEEDcombine Feed Findings FrankenFeed Feedjumbler had likely the easiest setup and mix of good output features, FrankenFeed […]

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RSS Mixers

A year ago there were none but now there are a good handful of sites that allow you to mix in a collection of disparate RSS feed URLs, and it mixes them into a new one, with its own RSS feed. I refer these frequently to folks that write me about Feed2JS asking if it […]

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Hypnotic Bookmarking

As the tawdry saying goes… “I Like to watch” It’s not what your dirty minds think… I was one of more than 100 people watching LiveMarks, a near real time window of the input to the social bookmarking pile called del.icio.us: LiveMarks is a project to show del.icio.us bookmarks live. On the left of LiveMarks […]