This is my own riff on the eminent Photoshop RiffMaster, the Noiseprofessor, himself riffing with his own photoshopping of Brian Lamb’s super dog Dexter.

I upped the Fonzie with Zack’s face, and even twiddled his thumb a bit 😉

Can ds106 be any more fun when people just play like that, rapid fire? On the surface it looks silly, but there’s something more at play. I’d wax on this, but would rather make more GIFs today. But it did get me thinking about a new assignment to be rolled into what will be (look for details tomorrow) a ds106 GIF Festival, this one known as Riff a GIF:

Some of the best parts of ds106 happens when people spontaneously build off of the whacky things others share. Rapid fire style.

Your assignment is to riff on someone eles’s ds106 work and make it new in a GIF form. It can be revising an existing GIF, or taking a graphic and turning it into a GIF.

Riff the GIF, say it three times fast.

For which this post shall be properly tagged to get included.

The same thing happened already, when Martin Weller tweeted about his plans to do some #ds106 radio:

And that got me thinking of maybe putting Martin’s face into a disco themed image, a bit of quick photoshoppery got this:

discgoMartin’s blog is not connected to ds106, he could add his example directly to the assignment

Hey, are there enough UK Martins around here? Now that would be something to riff with…

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