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What do you mean “If” Facebook were a country?

Is a country merely constituted by a census of number of supposed inhabitants? It memes so. Via, I believe a recommendation on YouTube (based upon algorithms that absorb my activities), last night I watched the english translation of the documentary Facebookistan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCyO5uT9XfU In this country, there are people who delete their content, but on request […]


Magic, Misdirection, Sleight of Hand, Facebook

You might believe in magic, I sometimes do, but the kind you see performed is technically a method of visual perception mind-messup. More properly known as sleight of hand, where sleight is on Old Norse word for “the use of dexterity or cunning, especially so as to deceive.” My dislike of Facebook extends farther back […]

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Not Holding My Breath Waiting For Facebook’s New Account Impersonation Detection

Several people have shared these stories about what Facebook is (here comes the scare quotes) “doing” about fake accounts.– Facebook is testing a feature that alerts you if someone is impersonating your account (from mashaable.com) and Facebook is reportedly testing a tool for detecting profile imposters (The Verge)… and everyone else is re-reporting it– Facebook’s […]

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Dear Facebook

The subject line in today’s email held some promise: A friend reported a profile they think is pretending to be you I was a bit bust enjoying the beach and time with friends on my last night in Puerto Rico, so I left it for later. And thus, I got another Rejection Letter from Facebook. […]