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WordPress Search Bookmarklet

As part of the blog transition I took a spin at creating a new tool that would create a WordPress search bookmarklet, more or less a quick re-do of the one I originally created for MovableType. It is even easier to construct for WordPress, as all you need to know is the base URL for […]


Spurl Bookmarklet Tool Added to the Mix

Yes, another nifty social bookmark service– Spurl was brought to our attention by Jamie. So it is now part of the others at the Site Submission MultiTool where it is possible to create one browser tool that does the work of 11 others called: FurlDeliciousFrassleConnoteaBagCiteULikeSimpyLinkrollBlogmarksopenBMSpurl Bookmarklet Tool Spurl looks pretty good at a quick glance– […]


Roll Your Own MT Search Bookmarklet

Now that the Furl-Delicious-Frassle-CiteULike-Connotea-Bag Bookmarklet Tool (a simepl web form to help you build a one click browser bar tool for adding web sites to various collections) seems to be working– I decided to make another tool. This one helps you create a browser bar button for quick searching of any MovableType weblog, as described […]


Alan’s Multipost Bookmarklet Tool

Go, Dog Go http://cogdogblog.com/code/marklet_maker.php About Previously I have described a JavaScript bookmarklet tool I wrote for myseld so I could submit websites to multiple tracking sites. Maybe you too want to be able to do a one click submit to send sites to places like Furl or del.icio.us at the same time. http://cogdogblog.com/code/marklet_maker.php Thus I […]


MT Blog Search Bookmarklet

I am a bit amazed I never thought of this earlier… the primary use for CogDogBlog is pure selfish- tracking things or projects so I can have a record I can find later. More often than not, i am trying to remember a site or reference from a few months/years back, and the only way […]


Bag Dropping Bookmarklet

Regarding our post about a new RSS feed for the web’s eye view bag of urls site, Scott Leslie commented about our submission form being an ideal candidate for a web browser bookmarklet tool.

Scott has recently championed these underused tools for one’s browser toolbar, rightfully so, because they are very handy, bordering on indispensible.

I had toyed with this a year ago, especially since I end up posting about 80% of the new items to our
bag of urls but never finished.

But now I have, and it was very easy indeed to build a bookmarklet tool that shortens the steps for dropping a url into the bag