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EduBloggerNews Added to Bookmarklet Maker

Prompted by Will’s post “Digg For Edubloggers/ Do We Need to Get Our Act Together”, I added EdBloggerNews as a new option to my Multi-Post Bookmarklet tool at http://cogdogblog.com/code/marklet_maker.php— mainly because I was going to try and toss EduBloggerNews a few of the links I am sending to del.icio.us. While in the code, I tried […]


Bookmarklet Tool Now in The Blog House

As part of my transition, I have moved my Multibookmarklet Maker to the CogDogBlog domain. This was a tool I made back in January 2005, to allow one bookmarklet (browser bookmark tool) me able to be customized to allow posting to multiple web bookmark manager sites from one click, e.g. to add a given site […]