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Get Your Twitter TAGS on

Probably one way to make sense of activity of interest twitter is explore some numbers and visualization of them. Data visualization gets technically gnarly quick, but my go to tool ever since he first announce it is Martin Hawksey’s Twitter TAGS If you have a Google account, you can not only create a system to […]

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The Evolving #netnarr Twitter Shape

As that guy Neo profoundly said… woa. Today was our Networked Narratives twitter chat on What is Alchemy?. I admit I’ve never even been fully on in a twitter chat, sometimes it looks like a lot of Hey the sky is really blue #obviouschat. That’s likely an unfair characterization. We had our 19 or so […]

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This is how it ends. DDoS attacks are hitting the internet that network that was supposed to be designed to withstand attack. Twitter, GitHub, are down, many other sites are fine (like this one). I sit here alone, contemplating a life of work based on the internet. Options… ? Top / Featured Image flickr photo […]

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Twitter Avatars Downloaded Over Easy

I should have known better. It was just 2 hours (plus blog post writing time) down the coding rabbit hole. Right now Ken Bauer is working on the Virtually Connecting blog post for the sessions they (me too) will run at the 2016 DML Conference. If you look at the announcements you will we create […]