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UDG Agora

The Twitter Ramp Up Problem

We are hearing a lot of feedback from our UDG Agora participants that many of their efforts to have their students use twitter fall short “They don’t like it”, “They won’t go there”, “they prefer Facebook”. I have zero surprise. If you send anyone to twitter for the first time telling them to “make and […]

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A Future Twitter Full of Bots

The business dudes keep wringing that twitter cannot succeed while not growing its number of users, so strike up the Google is Buying rumor. Meanwhile Rod Serling smiles in the corner, smoke curling up from his cigarette. I just spotted a growth spurt. Did anyone say twitter needs more human users? Some mornings when I […]

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Twitter is a Crappy RSS Reader Replacement

This was not necessarily the point of what Gardener Campbell pulled out of an article about the perhaps sliding value of twitter as a business (Twitter is dead!) The Twitter paradox: the pros & cons of being free http://t.co/QGctQFqvnF > "Twitter functions as a human-mediated RSS feed" #thoughtvectors — Gardner Campbell (@GardnerCampbell) May 6, 2014 […]