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Hypercard Archeostackology

I’m digging down to the code fragments of some of my first technology work, finding but fragments and relics in the layers bit dated 1992-1994. I credit/blame Tom Cc @cogdog https://t.co/d86h5phOyj — Tom Woodward (@twoodwar) August 19, 2017 I had briefly seen mention of the Internet Archive’s collection of Hypercard Stacks using a webpased eumlator. […]

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Ye Old Repository

cc licensed flickr photo shared by The Rocketeer Who ever thought the word “repository” was a good idea? C’mon, nearly every one’s connotations go elsewhere and sure, I’m going to be encouraged to go add something (or fond something) I created to something that sounds like something that goes up your butt? But I digress. […]