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Refining the Virtually Connecting Site

The small project started by Maha Bali and Rebecca Hogue is growing as more people get involved with bridging educational conferences with people who cannot attend in person. We have an active Slack (funny words together), and plans in motion for at least 5 upcoming conferences. Heck, there might be a manifesto too. Woot! We […]

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Maha A Little Help from Her Friends

I blame Google Calendar. Yeah. Sometime last year (?) I started seeing on my GCal the birthdays of other people who I guess are in my G+ circles? Contacts? Who knows with Google/Alphabet/Whatevertheyarecalled now? Stuff just appears. Monday I spotted this in my calendar: Look at that, Thursday is Maha Bali’s birthday. Wow, it would […]

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My First Stint as a VConnecting Buddy

On Thursday I had my first seat in the control room as a Virtual Buddy for a now expanding project (http://virtuallyconnecting.org/) started by Maha Bali and Rebecca Hogue. I had been a participant in the session on Tuesday; this week there were several sessions set up for the Digital Pedagogy Lab happening this week in […]