Blogging, that’s so 2007, right? Actually for me it’s 2003 because that was the year, on this very day, that this pile of posts spit out its first one.

That’s a big fat who cares, 2-0.

Please no cards or flowers.

I have put to use my own WordPress little plugin to list all the posts every done on April 19. Ironically I seem to never post anything on this birthday. I seem only have acknowledged on the 11th and the 19th ones.

I’m still at it! Pry this blog from my cold dead hands.

Anyhow, from years past, I found other things to write about then blogging about blogging.

Blogged on April 19

There are 24 posts previously published on April 19th

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Twenty Feet in Every Direction
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  1. 20 years, that is something. And i have to say you are missing the whole “eventfulness” of this occasion. THIS IS HUGE!!! Two decades of hope, faith, and sharing on this here web. It’s what keeps it weird and special, and I’m honoroed and thrilled to have been following along for much of it. Keep blogging my friend, it’s the closest thing to grammatical freedom we’ll ever know 🙂

    Also, if you had a virtual birthday party for this blog, i would come and bring comment presents.

    1. You just did, my brother from a different blog 😉

      I look back at those frequency of short posts in those first years, it was pretty much microblogging– that time spent there has evaporated to social media, and that’s just wrong.

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