TRU Time, Wordpress

Partial Intro to The Daily Blank

That’s meant to be blank like _________ like make your own site that operates like the DS106 Daily Create. I’ve been mumbling about it for like months, and sat down to start tinkering about a week ago.

I think most of the parts are in place, I’d say it is several Greek letters prior to “alpha”, and am writing now to check in as a progress to myself post. Much of what is left is cosmetic and structural layout, documentation, and much more testing.

The idea is that like the Assignment Bank Theme you can create a kind of site that generates any kind of Daily task, assignment, challenge. A Daily [fill in the blank]!

Unlike the The Daily Create, you do not have to respond by uploading and tagging to a specific social media site. Whatever you do as a response, you simply tweet to a specific twitter account the site owner creates, and include the link and a hashtag associated with the Daily _______.

This is what I saw as things to figure out, and what I got done last week:

It’s current test site is living now at http://splot.ca/dailyblank and likely will generate PHP error codes as I work on it. I have the current code on github as well.


I modified the home page template to display just the most recent item (like the Daily Create).

What follow is an excruciatingly long, code-filled post. I’m putting it below the fold, so if you are reading this in one of those antique RSS readers, you might have to click through to see it on my blog (which, I must say, is looking gorgeous in its new clothes).