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Is Will in the Right Place?

“Will”, someone I don’t know, spends his finite time on this planet emailing strangers asking the not so philosophical question, “Am I In the Right Place?” Hi Alan, Will here again following up on a recent email I sent about contributing a WordPress security graphic to Cog Dog Blog. On the chance that my message fell […]

On Sharing, Photography

Is That My Photo?

Best days are when the Internet is not full of poop but provides a funny little surprise. I live for them. I’ll drop the spoiler first. This happened. I’ve had several times of searching widely for open licensed photos and landing on one by my Aussie friend Michael Coghlan (scroll past the post about a spammer […]


Try That Burger Again

 Okay, I have been grumpy about the new WordPress Gutenberg “editing experience” I did give it a try a month ago but am so comfortable in my writing flow, that I found it really getting in my way. A number of things on my site ended up thrust on the left side of the page. And […]


This is not the SEO You Were Looking For

Yes, I know what SEO is, a term I don’t profess any useful knowledge (or interest) in. My simple approach has been- you want a lot of people to see your stuff? Write/publish a lot of it, share it. But don’t try to crack some secret sauce success. No, I am writing about something different, […]

Memories, Wordpress

Englebarting Convergence

I consider myself so fortunate to have had a few Doug Engelbart convergences in my career. That featured image at the top was made by me after he was a guest at a 2006 NMC Board Meeting. I took my own photograph of him at the meeting and superimposed it from a screenshot of the […]